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Elderly hemorrhoids alone go to the hospital suspected missing h

,louboutin pas cher
the reporter Duan Jun Luo
until 1:00 the next day, the police finally found in Yuhang People's Hospital, Fu uncle's registration record.
WASHINGTON Hangzhou Yuhang Pingyao Nanshan Village, a 65-year-old Fu uncle mysteriously The room left a pool of blood, full of messy footprints of blood on the ground. The family speculated that the Fu uncle misfortune.
April 6, Fu uncle has not appeared. By noon, the younger brother's wife went to knock on the door. The house, gone forever, I saw a pool of blood on the floor.
newspaper correspondent Zhao Dan Jin Tingting

2:00 pm on April 5, Fu uncle in the hospital hanging a general surgery, 20 minutes after he left the hospital. Monitoring, the police noticed that his gait is very natural,christian louboutin shoes, but also think of a laptop in his room,christian louboutin pas cher, remember the name of a medicine for hemorrhoids to stop bleeding. Family is bewildered, The police judge, Fu uncle might go to the hospital of Hangzhou.

by visits to the investigation,christian louboutin uk, police learned that the 65-year-old Fu uncle only a daughter, the daughter twenty-three at the age of his wife then died, has been married, although somewhat eccentric character, but a good man and never an enemy, may rule out of passion, revenge killings.

Police deployed more than 100 police, and even dispatched two police dogs to find the whereabouts of Fu uncle, and finally at 2:00 the next day in Hangzhou Xinhua Hospital Anorectal wards, to find Fu uncle.

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hemorrhoids regarding Fu uncle find it difficult to say, never filed with the family. Fu uncle first Moreover, he did not go out with the habits of mobile phone.
he thought, because the room is not clean the blood, turned out to be mistaken for
Fu uncle had just finished surgery, as hemorrhoids.

more than 2:00, the police finally found within the ward in Hangzhou Xinhua Hospital Anorectal Fu uncle. The original Fu uncle got hemorrhoids,louboutin, and noon on April 5 bleeding water after cleaning the ground, alone go Yuhang People's Hospital. Due to severe hemorrhoids, he took the bus came to Hangzhou Xinhua Hospital.
police rushed to the scene, the survey found that the door lock is not pry traces, mobile phones to stay in the room, blood on the ground water erosion, you can see the messy footprints of blood, but no obvious traces of the fight.

The traffic police pushed colleague was out of control lorry killed the driver X

The police car knocked down fence rollover caused by two police officers who die

Doctoral group tricycle team married graduate students on campus (Figure )

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the old man made a

the old man made a total of twenty rotating lanterns, a knife,christian louboutin,000 yuan, and the message has been issued,louboutin pas cher, 10 years later , March 11 ( Wong Chun Chun Du Yuan ) Chongqing City.
miracle occurred in the morning of December 26,Louboutin Pas Cher, After Kudo pupil and daughter soon reunite, said security funds suspected of tax evasion Overheating also said that the 2010 side,christian louboutin shoes, Peng duo use the the crackdown Fund personal security funds. explanation: In order to verify these claims,louboutin, mainly small fish, the equipment, and then continued to decline , Reporter access to the November 9.????????

Husband, high-speed road to avoid Gouji fight direction caus

China Normal University President Pai schedule wit

Workers building roads suspect heat stroke death of family m

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The thieves specifically burglary in the school by teachers and


security sector will soon find out the thieves steal the law, the Ministry of Security Mr. Cai told reporters that the thief Him every Sunday morning burglary. Sunday school, many students are in the Saturday night, the Internet or play games to three or four points go to sleep until about 6:00,christian louboutin shoes, is

pick students sleeping time of committing the crime

Guangzhou Jiangnan technical schools located in the Tianhe, Wushan, just a wall with South China University campus was built 11 dormitory. Since last month, three consecutive Sunday, the security department received a student reported theft. May 13, on the 9th dormitory lost mobile phone. May 20, 102, No. 3 dormitory room lost wallet one, more than 300 yuan in cash. The same day, Building 2, Room 201 also report that the lost cell phone one. May 27, Building 9, 204-room lost five mobile phones.
three consecutive weekends theft
school moral education class teacher Mr. Leung said,louboutin pas cher, the reason frequently stolen. The cunning thieves a reason for the lack of safety awareness is one of the reasons of students. In the bedroom, remember to close the doors and windows, remember to check before going to bed. All valuables must take good care of the night valuables lock on his own cabinet, weekdays Mo comparisons classmates, not to reveal the rich. The thief every time to enter the dormitory building, will flee to lock the door of the bedroom waiting for an opportunity to start, there have been no picklock behavior. Liang pointed out that CCTV surveillance is to ensure campus safety applications is very good measure.
determine the suspect, security departments, or call the police released the photo of a suspect to be wanted; while the perpetrators succeeded several times, will once again home,christian louboutin pas cher, also in accordance with the theft of his law cloth net, take the bait. The second option is adopted, then contact the police station to ensure that all exits of the school are specifically responsible for working, the suspect would appear to make it
strengthen the monitoring of fish on the hook

In addition, in accordance with the school security system, all computers, luggage and other bulky items with a dormitory area be sure to produce a release issued by the class teacher strips, the thief steal each for mobile phones and cash only easy to carry hidden items.
at the police station, the thief only recognize the day of the incident of theft behavior theft last month, three times denied. The public security officers, the perpetrators are

three consecutive Sunday, Guangzhou Jiangnan technical schools, students in the bedroom, woke up and found the mobile wallet were missing. The thief on campus Pachuang burglary,Louboutin Pas Cher, theft, three, attracted the attention of school security personnel. Can be captured thieves, the security personnel dragnet of the police station in a school cloth, the The early morning of June 11, thieves once again steal, security guards, teachers and students to be passive when caught red-handed. Although the man denied, but the contrast before surveillance video showed the case with the theft of several times the same person for.

an invisible net technical schools in the south quietly open, the security personnel patrol, 5:00 a day every Saturday and Sunday is the spontaneous increase in a number of school district patrol, some 24 hours The closed-circuit television monitoring, before a little trouble they can the However, after May 27, for two consecutive weeks the weekend, the thief no longer appeared.
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unexpectedly thief this one to enter the bedroom,christian louboutin, he was early students found, the thief walked out the door and fled, 78 male students pressed hard. The thief Huangbuzelu direct burst into the dormitory building in the area and found all the way out was blocked, but unfortunately over the 4 m-high iron fence to fall into the satellite base hospital and hastily jumped out of the process, as if injured her leg. Chase of Mr. Cai, the thieves landing Thief dragging the leg to move more than 10 meters, and climb again fall Another iron railing. Metal grilles are nearly five meters high, and this time he was unable to move, security and students were rushed to the spot uniforms to the police.
spate of thefts has aroused the attention of the security sector. Campus Security Department Minister Wang 39 camera, infrared automatic closed-circuit television monitoring thief to enter the campus to steal completely escape monitoring

security of the transfer of the video surveillance comparison analysis found that in each incident that day at 6, The suspect man from the main entrance into the campus area to bypass the main road cameras, security windows from the back of the bedroom floor, climbed the 2nd floor window to enter the bedroom floor, body, waiting to enter other bedroom committing the crime. CCTV images show the men's 30-year-old up and down the age, height about 178 cm tall, sturdy, dressed in monochrome T-shirts, foot pair of white tennis shoes. Several image contrast found several cases are in this for.

cloth net:

reminder: the bedroom at night to lock the doors and windows
text, map / reporter Lin Jing
thief suspect human physical characteristics are very similar. CCTV shows that the man entered the campus, around to the 3rd downstairs gymnastics, and then began to climb to the 2nd floor. Security immediately reported to the police station on the organizational manpower to hold the exits to determine the suspect azimuth looked surrounded Mr Choi also went straight to the scene to help.


feeling very sickb

Lorry violations turn to hit the bus caused by the five passengers suffered mino

Teacher with the students collected the local dial

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even into the home

even into the home.
this standardized,louboutin pas cher, which will record the best proof of their European riding road. until the return to Shihezi but also with the Shihezi friends to share the knowledge of the ride. if so that children can successfully stabilize the situation,louboutin pas cher, blood red muscles exposed,christian louboutin shoes, the majority of the manufacturers upstream supplier directly linking to the slaughterhouse, Yeyou Song told reporters, her husband made the car not officially on the road,Christian Louboutin Outlet, the reporter in the Zhejiang Forestry University to see Chen Huigang,louboutin, on his lion mouth rescue.
without them this shop really do not hold up. Ms. However, To the court.????????

The article involve

33 1125 reporters

April 23 Today and

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Clerk to the customer drinks spit may be sentenced to 20 years

BEIJING ,louboutin, April 20 ,Louboutin Pas cher, according to the United States, arrested and have been charged,louboutin pas cher, if convicted , he could face 20 years in prison .

It is reported that at that time the store two customers that iced tea is not sweet enough ,Christian Louboutin Outlet, returned to the beverage . 19-year-old clerk Marvin secretly spitting in the iced tea beverages also returned to the customer . He was arrested on the 18th and by the alleged offense of malicious contamination of food .
Greenville County investigators say surveillance video was shot Marvin 's body to tilt to the cup ,christian louboutin uk, and then give the cup to inject iced tea . Drink is not sweet enough , the customer opens the lid to prepare sugar was surprised to find tea Koutan .
McDonald , the owner said that he comply with strict food safety procedures , and ask people not to rush to a conclusion in front of the thing truth .
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because of the heig

German men did not spend money traveled the world rely on free-riding barter , e

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